Learning to drive can be a very stressful exercise.
I remember my first driving lesson. My mom was by my side (she’s much more nervous than I was), sitting 16 behind her steering wheel and starting the car for the first time. It was an exciting time and I wasn’t too nervous. I was so excited that I was finally old enough to grab the steering wheel and attack the city of Perth. I moved the car (after a few stops and starts) and ran away. I speeded up, then slowed down, and regained my composure, and finally I was able to control the car. It worked and I thought it was working very well. So in my ears … slow! What are you doing! There is a corner!

My mother was next to me. I felt like I wa driving school amsterdams doing a good job and I really wanted to tell him to keep quiet, but I take a deep breath and say mom. As I slowly move through the corners, she grabs her armrests, presses her invisible brakes, and feels tense.
I felt this tension as she continued to scream and criticize my driving during our first driving lesson. I patiently tried to regain her composure, but I felt my blood pressure rise little by little.
Now I understand his fears, and I think it was partially justified because I was a pretty stuttering driver at first. It was the first time he had driven a child, but this should be a considerable experience.
When the tension began to rise, I lost my concentration and when I was trying to take the car to the driveway, I gasped the car too much and crashed into the fence.
After taking a deep breath again, I talked to her mother. Do you think you can take lessons from a private instructor next time? It may be better for both of us stress levels. She laughs and agrees that this may be a better option. Especially in the instructor car.
When learning to drive, it is important to feel relaxed and comfortable with the passengers and the surrounding environment.
Find a comfortable and relaxing instructor. This is very important because the tension that builds up while driving can panic the driver and make quick decisions. You may have heard someone hitting the gas instead of the brakes with serious consequences. This is usually the result of a panicked driver reacting involuntarily and quickly due to accumulated stress levels.

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