Protecting online reputation is necessary. Companies with a tarnished reputation will have a hard time winning people over since they will look for reliable options. Online reputation relies on what people say about the products and services. If the company receives negative reviews, it can damage the brand. Having the best PR tactics is necessary for protecting online reputation in 2021. They help create a different narrative and tell the potential audiences that the brand is worth it. Considering the help of a white label reputation management platform is also crucial. Maintaining a positive image can be a daunting task, and working with another agency can help. Here are the other ways where PR tactics help protect online reputation. 

Maintain engagement with the target audiences 

PR strategies should focus on having interactions with the target audiences and existing customers. It helps to build a connection through different platforms. If the business got involved in a controversy, it’s easy to explain to them. If they have questions and clarifications, the company representative can respond. Without that level of engagement, explaining to the audience could be challenging. 

The customers become the ambassadors

Another strategy to help protect online reputation is by encouraging existing customers to leave positive reviews. They should receive reminders to say something good about the business. The process should also be simple for them. In doing so, they become brand ambassadors. People will know more about the company, not only from the perspective of the insiders. Real customers can share their opinions through reviews. It’s easier for others to believe the information coming from existing customers. They can relate to them, since they might even have similar problems. They will see the products similarly once they gave them a try. 

Identify the trolls 

Reputation management is challenging when there are trolls who keep spreading false information. They might be real people who find it amusing to disparage businesses. They might also be paid trolls who received orders from competitors. Either way, it’s crucial to identify them and expose the truth. Their narratives couldn’t win the day. Reputation management helps identify all the trolls existing across platforms and respond to them as quickly as possible. It also helps to ask the review websites to take the reviews down since they don’t tell the truth. It’s impossible to stop the trolls, but the company can at least provide a counter-narrative. It’s up to the people to determine whom to believe. Again, a white label reputation management platform can be of help in this regard.

Make connections through videos

Another useful PR strategy is the use of videos. People love watching videos these days. It’s not only about telling them to buy the products and services. Videos can discuss the steps in using the products. There can also be videos introducing the team running the company. The goal is to bring the business closer to the people. They should feel that they’re part of the bigger community. Videos are short, easy to share, and easy to grasp. Even those who don’t have enough time to consume online content can still spare a few minutes to watch these videos. If the business got involved in a controversy, exposing the truth through a video won’t be an issue. 

Build empathy 

Businesses shouldn’t only be about telling people to spend their money to buy the products. It’s also about trying to give back to the community. During a challenging time, many people don’t have anyone to run to. They depend on what the government offers, along with the help extended by private companies. Of course, helping people in need should be a natural act. However, there’s nothing wrong with including it in the campaign videos. Everyone should know what the company does to help. It creates an empathetic image. It also sends the right message that people should try to help whenever they can. Potential customers who are still on the fence about patronizing the brand will change their minds when they realize that the company helps others. 

Seeking help from a company with a white label reputation management platform 

Going through the details of reputation management isn’t an easy task. It’s a continuing process that has no limit. Succeeding in building a positive reputation today doesn’t mean the company will forever be famous. A few negative reviews can bring the business down. Therefore, it makes sense to ask for help from experts in the white label reputation management platform. They know what to do. Outsourcing the service also takes away the pressure from in-house employees. They can focus on other essential tasks to keep the business going. Reputation management is only one aspect, but it’s crucial. It’s better to rely on experts to use the best strategies in maintaining an excellent brand. 

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